The Original Gluten-Free Guru

Gluten-Free Guru

Hi, I'm Danna Van Noy (formerly Korn). I’ve been blazing a trail since 1991 to help people navigate the gluten-free lifestyle and to understand the myriad of medical conditions that benefit. I didn't give myself the moniker "Gluten-Free Guru"—People Magazine called me that when it did a feature on my pioneering gluten-free work in 2007.

There are a lot of people asking why I'm doing this now. I was comfortably retired in Park City, Utah with my best friend/husband, loving life. 

But just as I felt compelled to pave the way in the world of gluten-free in 1991, I'm coming back on the scene to add credibility to an industry that is woefully lacking. You can read more in my blog article: "Why I got into this... why I got out... and why I'm doing this now." You'll also find a summary of my credentials on that same page. 

This site and my several books will answer every question you may have about going gluten-free. Far beyond recipes, I delve into the medical, scientific, psychological, and social issues and practicalities of being gluten-free. My books have all been reviewed by the world's foremost authorities on gluten-related disorders. I've spoken around the world at medical Symposia and gluten-free conferences and have been featured in dozens of media outlets. 

Most of all, I have a passion and hope to inspire you to live... and love... the gluten-free lifestyle!

What Can You Expect From Me? Credibility. Experience. I've Walked the Walk.  

Always hesitant to toot my own horn, I'm compelled to let you know that I didn't name myself the "Gluten-Free Guru." People Magazine gave me that moniker in 2007 in a feature article they did on the work I was doing as a gluten-free expert and advocate. 

I say "original" because I’ve been doing this since 1991—longer than many of you have been alive—and while most of today's influencers focus on recipes—I get it, gluten-free is about eating—I like to talk about the medical, science, practical, psychological, and social challenges people face. The things I’ve been helping people with for decades now because I've lived this in a time when there was NO help available.

So what can you expect from me?  I hope to inspire you to love the lifestyle—I want you to be armed with the science and medical background to ensure proper testing and compliance and to avoid associated conditions that can compromise your health in big ways. 

Gluten-Free Guru

My Hope For you

I hope to help you with the practicalities of living the lifestyle, whether you're at home or out and about. I understand and have lived through the psychological and sociological impacts of living a gluten-free lifestyle at a time when it wasn't nearly as "easy" as it is today. Most of all, I want you to feel comfortable that I'm a long-time-endorsed-by-the-world's-leading-specialists credible expert on what you're reading on my site and in my books.  

In my videos and blog posts, I’ll cover the thousands of questions I’ve been asked during speaking engagements, support group events, and emails from my readers. If you’re not aware, I’ve written several bestselling books (see the "shop" tab on this site), all of which have been reviewed by the world’s foremost medical experts and dietitians. I’ve spoken at International Symposia and literally hundreds of conferences dedicated to the gluten-free lifestyle. Credibility and credentials are important to me, as they should be to you. 

Most of all, I have an intense desire to share my passion for helping people live—and love—the gluten-free lifestyle.


My Credentials

Many of you know me from decades ago as Danna Korn ~ I’m now (happily) Danna Van Noy. While many influencers in this industry are cookbook authors and post solely about recipes, my areas of expertise extend far beyond the food.

Why I got into this